...words from some of the people I have had the pleasure of working with

Muriel is a self-empowered lady who is able to provide support and guidance to those she teaches - reflecting calm and balance to her students. She has a degree in Psychology and has several years of training in Shamanism with Tony Samara in various countries, including England and Portugal. Not only did she train with Tony, but was also his assistant and pupil, living and travelling with Tony and his family assisting in workshops and retreats.

Muriel uses some traditional techniques for Shamanism providing a safe space for people to detoxify … to let go and to find that space within where the soul resides and we can be at one with all. Muriel's workshops include journeying with the rattle, detox, chanting sacred chants … to expand the awareness allowing one to access core patterning, combined with her psychological understanding, provides a strong base for core transformation.

Dee Banton, International School of Vibrational Healing, UK 2004

I have worked with Muriel for 12 months and knew her through work before this. Muriel is a dedicated and accomplished practitioner in her field, her passion being to assist others in need. Muriel’s dedication to her work has seen many turn their lives around by her ability to communicate positive mindset. I have been amazed at the way she is able to connect with people from all walks of life. The techniques Muriel has learned would be beneficial to any she would work with or teach.

Brenda Odewahn, 2002, Active Employment, Australia

I have known Muriel for 3 years, firstly as a client, and more recently as a friend and mentor. She manages to combine her training in psychology and her knowledge of shamanic healing in a very successful manner, which has enabled me to navigate through life much more successfully on a spiritual, physical and mental level. She has planted seeds in my mind, that at the time, I would have
thoroughly rejected had I been conscious of them. I have changed from someone who once scoffed at hearing the word 'shaman' to someone who now sees life and the universe very differently, and am amazed daily by the magic in everyday life. She truly is a wonderful healer!

Blake Elliott, Blue Mountains, Australia, 2008

My son and I accompanied Muriel Turner on a tour of the Bolivian and Peruvian highlands in the fall of 2007. Our trip had the overlapping goals of visiting the historical sites, connecting with the culture, and entertaining my 9 year old son.
Our travels and tours were facilitated by Muriel’s careful planning and reliable contacts. Accommodations were comfortable to luxurious, and in spite of the many required connections, we never felt rushed or under pressure. We visited more places, having more adventures than we expected for a comfortable tour through such an exotic landscape.
The highlights of the trip were the meetings with local people and their families. These ranged from singing karaoke at the home of our taxi driver, with his wife and neighbours; to joining Pasqual, a stocky Inkan Shaman, for an elaborate blessing ceremony at the foot of a private waterfall; to visiting the smoke-filled stall of an Aymara ‘magician for hire’ for the cleansing ceremony in the heart of the city of El Alto, replace with spraying bottles of beer, flaming candles and human skulls.
My 9 year old son, whose notion of ‘fun’ differs from that of his 50 year old father, was nonetheless thoroughly entertained hugging lamas, purchasing t-shirts and handmade clothing, visiting spooky crypts, and boldly eating roast guinea pig, which even I wouldn’t touch. We could not have so successfully achieved the goals of our trip without Muriel’s careful planning, knowledge of the territory and reliable guidance. We would not hesitate to return.

Lincoln Stoller, New York, 2008

... because I came away knowing what I have to do and what direction my life is going ... and she was easy to talk to and understood me.

Kerry, 2013


Muriel has been the best. I have talked to people before but never to someone as open and warm, and non-judgemental as she. Muriel has helped me see my issues in a new light, not as an obstacle but as a learning curb to help me get back to not just life, but actually living.... The support of talking to someone has been comforting, but most importantly, empowering!

S. L. July, 2013 

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