For a private appointment to talk about alternate ways

to find some happiness in your life contact Muriel 

Private counselling for individual, couples, families and groups is a process of understanding the way we think about who we are, and how we think about others around us. During a session you can talk about what concerns you and we can discuss ways of handling stressful situations. Benefits include improving your self confidence, improving your relationships with your family and friends, and identifying your goals that will bring you towards finding happiness in your life.

Introduction to Shamanism Workshops Shamanism is an ancient system of self-healing... the simplicity and joy of the ancient wisdom from the peoples of the Andes of Peru. Benefits of these one day workshops include expanding an awareness of self, and exploring core patterns as a basis for transformation. 

Weekend Healing Retreats These are designed to help put the spirit back into your life, the life back into your spirit and how to incorporate spirit in your everyday life. Techniques include ancient Peruvian techniques of healing, such as Icaros, dance, meditations and ceremonies. 

Tours of Peru and Bolivia, South America These tours offer a variety of different experiences - the landscapes of cities, rural settings, sacred sites [Macchu Picchu and many more], the Andes Mountains, Lake Titicaca; and great cultural experiences, the people, their lifestyles, arts and crafts, and spirituality. The tours will also include healing ceremonies with genuine Curanderos, Vegetalistas or Ayahuasceros and are for people who are serious about reconnecting with their spiritual essence. 

Overcoming Anxiety OR Relaxation and Meditation Courses comprise 8 weeks [x 2 hour sessions] of mainstream and alternative strategies for exploring relaxation and meditation. Stress has been shown to have causal links to anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, muscoskeletal and gastrointestinal disorders, back pain, and much more. Benefits include meeting others with similar interests, theory and discussion on different types of meditative techniques, and increased awareness of practical exercises. These sessions also form two day workshops or weekend retreats.


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